Designing the Perfect System

Physics to Finance for Renewable Energy

  • Reliable
  • Low Cost Installation
  • Levelized Cost of Energy
  • Maximized During Peak Rate Hours
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Instructional Application Aligned to Georgia Curriculum

Risk Management

Capital Investment - Solar asset cost andperformance are highly defined and backed by 25-year manufacturer production and performance warranties. Solar energy is a maturetechnology in a $300B global industry.


Production - Solar equipment is highly reliabledue to solid-state, microprocessor-driven technology with no moving parts. Solar energyassets run every sunrise. Georgia has beenranked 5th in the nation for solar energy potential.


Management Costs - Solar assets aremanaged with software that detects problems immediately and remotely. Routine mainte-nance can be managed by existing facility staff.


Construction Costs - Solarequipment costs have dropped by more than 50% in the last three years. Global supply and demand continue to generate cost savings that drive compellingsolar energy investment returns.


Manufacturer Warranty - Greenavations uses only high quality manufacturers of Polysilicon or Monosilicon panels.These manufacturersmust have strong financial balance sheets as well as the experience andleading solar technology to participate in this program.



Dublin High School
Dublin, GA

Simon Solar Farm
Social Circle, GA

Verde at Howard Square
Elkridge, MD

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