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Dublin High School

Dublin High School has recently decided to “stop renting electrons,” and start investing in their future! Their solar energy system is online after a successful consultation session with Greenavations Power.


Simon Solar Farm

The 38MW Simon Solar Farm is enough electricity to light up 4,500 GA homes for the next 50 years.  The project used 300 acres,  125,000 Solar PV panels($30M), and 1,200 tons of steel.  Through construction phase there were 265 people working to build the project and another 100 professional service jobs created.  This project created more than $100M in positive economic impact for Walton County, GA.  Only five full time employees will be required to Operate and Maintain this power plant 24/7.  Clean, reliable, cost effective, peak demand energy for $8 cents per kWh for the next 50+ years!  No negative health or environmental externalities! No fuel cost ever! No State or rate payer incentives required in GA. Clean, cost effective, reliable, renewable energy = Priceless!!

Verde at Howard Square

Howard Square is a 47 acre mixed-use development located in Howard County, Maryland.  The 296 unit apartment complex is the first component completed in the development, with other LEED certified structures to come.  The team carefully designed the site to improve storm water management; StormTech technologies capture, store, and treat 100% of the water on the site.  By utilizing the underground rainwater capturing technology it allows the site to have a significant amount of open space for the residents to enjoy.  The building also generates over 15% of the total power consumed through solar panels located on the building’s garage.

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Dublin High School
Dublin, GA

Simon Solar Farm
Social Circle, GA

Verde at Howard Square
Elkridge, MD

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