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Greenavations Power, LLC, - A consulting company delivering a “physics to finance” approach in assessing the solar potential of commercial real estate, undeveloped real property, corporations and munipal cliens concerned about managing their long-term energy liabilites. An executive “Go, No Go” business case is presented through a detailed cost benefit analysis providing payback, NOI, IRR and other critical “Enterprise Value Add” investment return metrics. Greenavations Power, LLC and affiliated companies have completed solar opportunity analyses on commercial projects valued at more than $5B US.


  • Solar Potential Calculations – Know your financial opportunity with solar power on commercial and industrial property.

  • Financial Analysis Learn of the renewable energy incentives and grants available to you. What is your true cost of solar power at your location?

  • Determine Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) – Turn your long term energy liability into an asset and a competitive advantage for your property.

  • Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC) Explore Greenavations' services available when building any array.

Qualifications & Experience

  • In construction industry since 1968;

  • Florida State Certified General and Underground Utility Contractor;

  • Previously licensed contractor in 10 states;

  • Constructed telephone, fiber optic networks, and utility systems;

  • Conceived and oversaw the invention of the first geophysical photogrammetric camera which won the 2004 Wall Street Journal Innovation of the Year Award for Software;

  • Developed two of Georgia’s largest solar arrays, Simon Solar Farm 30MW awarded in December 2011 which is the largest in the Southeast;

  • Financially modeled over $5B of solar projects throughout US;

  • Financial model of a $100 mm - 30 MW solar farm in Social Circle, GA. This model caused the Georgia Public Service Commission to expand Georgia Power’s mandate to include solar into its energy portfolio from 4 MW’s to over 50 MW’s in 2012; and

  • Founder/CEO of GA Solar Utilities, Inc. (GA Solar Utilities) with professional references available on request.



Dublin High School
Dublin, GA

Simon Solar Farm
Social Circle, GA

Verde at Howard Square
Elkridge, MD

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