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Risk Analysis

Solar Energy Assets v. Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Assets

  • Capital Investment Risk – Solar cost and performance highly defined backed by 25 year production/ performance warranties. CRE NO.
  • ROI/ IRR/ Investment Payback –   Solar Assets have double digit return metrics that CRE cannot match. Full Payback of 7 years or less is the norm.
  • Operations & Maintenance – Solar O&M very low due to solid state circuitry driven technology. CRE NO.
  • Vacancy/ Lease Risk – Solar Assets have no vacancy risk they run every sunrise. No fuel cost – Sun does not send a bill. CRE NO.
  • Management Costs - Solar Assets are scalable and are managed with software that detects problems immediately & remotely. CRE NO.
  • Construction Costs - The recent 50% + drop in solar PV & BOS costs accelerate payback and drive compelling investment returns. CRE NO.


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