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Greenavations Power, LLC. - A consulting company delivering a "physics to finance" approach in assessing the solar potential of commercial real estate and real property for property owners, corporations and municipal clients concerned about managing their long-term energy liability. A business is presented a cost benefit analysis. We have the expertise to calculate a customized solar potential solution with financial return metrics for your property. 

What We Provide

Solar Potential Calculations to assess your financial opportunity through use of solar power.

Greenavations Financial Analysis will define the true value of solar power at your location.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services are available to build a customized solar array for your specific site.

Solar Benefits

A solar energy array can be a long-term asset (40 + Years) which will produce clean, reliable energy at a levelized cost fixed price with no fuel cost.  The Levelized Cost of Energy is less than $0.08kWh (8 cents/kWh) for at least 40 years. No utility will match that price performance. Municipal Development Authorities can access low interest taxable bonds and loans that provide additional cost savings, increasing the financial performance of these solar assets. Avoided energy costs are maximized because solar assets produce more than 50% of their power during peak demand periods. This “peak saving” impact maximizes the energy savings performance of solar assets. Long-term energy savings increase as the price of traditional energy increases. Solar energy acts as a “hedge” against rising long-term energy costs.  For schools Greenavations provides an applied learning environment with a “Physics to Finance” renewable energy curriculum. This modular curriculum will demonstrate the science and technology behind renewable energy as well as the economics and finance that supports clean renewable energy. Greenavations is developing lesson plans and resources aligned to elementary through secondary curriculum standards.


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